Questions about our Tours?

What do we do?

We organize travels/tours for individuals, Couples, Students etc. So if are looking to explore personally or take romantic vacations, we can help you plan and organize it. We also render travel itinerary to our clients who are looking to travel on their own both within and outside Nigeria, to make their stay more exciting and memorable.

Do we only conduct our tours in December?

Our tours are not only conducted in December, We carry out tours often but there are no specific periods for each tour. To be fully updated on our tours just follow our social media pages (@xperience_tour) or subscribe to our newsletter to get constant updates on travel packages.

Do we conduct tour outside the Country?

Yes, conduct guided tours both within and outside Nigeria. If you are looking to travel out, we can help guide and make reservations for you. We also render first class advise on how to make your trip more pleasurable and delightful.

How do you make payments for the tour?

All bookings and reservations are done online via our website unless on request another means of payment would be suggested to you to make your payment process easy, stress free and more importantly reliable.

Do we have a refund policy on tours?

Yes we do, In the situation of a cancellation after payments have been made, our refunds may vary due to the time frame or duration the order comes. For 4 days after payment we offer full refunds to our clients, For more than 7days (a week) we offer 70% refunds to clients. For more than 21 days (3 weeks) we offer 40% refund, For less than a week to the proposed date of the tour we do not offer any refunds, clients are only entitled to another tour equivalent to the earlier one.

Questions about our Fashion and Lifestyle store?

What do we sell?

We purchase and sell only the finest and Latest Fashion Clothing for Male and Female coupled with only the most elegant accessories such as Bangles, Ear-rings, Necklaces and Wristwatches. Looking for the latest Fashion trends? Then look no further cause we have exactly what you need and more! 

How do you pay for goods bought only?

We only take bank transfer for goods bought from our online store. When you make your order, you would receive a confirmation email, which would contain the order I.D and the bank details for which payments are to be made.

How do you receive your Goods?

Goods ordered and paid for online would be way billed to you immediately payments have been verified and confirmed.

What are our return Policy on Goods?

Our return policy on goods bought is very simple, for all faulty goods bought from our store the Maximum is two day(s) after receipt of such a good. So if after two day(s) no complaint was made concerning the goods received, then we are not obliged to receive any product under such a reason.

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